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female orgasmic disorder Female Orgasmic Disorder

A disorder which may result from a traumatic experience, but can also be acquired through problems within relationships. There are those for whom the problem is of lifelong duration and for others the problem may present in generalized settings or be specific to situational settings. Female Orgasmic Disorder occurs when there is a significant delay or total absence of orgasm associated with the sexual activity. This condition must cause a problem in the relationship with the sexual partner in order to be defined as a disorder.

  • After a normal phase of sexual excitement, the woman's orgasm is persistently or repeatedly delayed or absent. The clinician's judgment of this is based on her sexual experience, adequacy of foreplay and norms for her age.
  • Except for another Sexual Dysfunction.
  • It is not directly caused by substance use (medication or drug of abuse) or by a general medical condition.
  • It causes marked distress or interpersonal problems.

Women sometimes blame themselves for their lack of interest in sex or their inability to feel arousal or achieve orgasm. It's time to realize, it's not your fault!

female orgasmic disorderAssociated Features:

  • Present or Previous Traumatic Experience.
  • Possible inadequate genital stimulation.
  • Poor communication by both partners.

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The capacity for orgasm increases with age, female orgasmic disorder are more common in younger women. Many women increase orgasm capacity as they acquire more knowledge of the responses of their own bodies. Masturbatory training may also be helpful in the treatment of female orgasm disorder.

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Counseling and Psychotherapy:
Sex therapy and counselling can be helpful. Occasional orgasmic problems, which are not persistent or do not result in distress or interpersonal difficulty, are not considered a disorder, not are orgasmic problems which result from the poor or inadequate nature of the sexual stimulation by a partner including "focus, intensity and duration."
Self hypnosis is a powerful, effective and 100% natural part of you and it will sure help. Hypnosis is based on proven psychological priniciples to give you what you need, quickly and comfortably.


There are substance-induced (drug related) sexual dysfunctions for which inhibited orgasm can be the result.








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Female orgasmic disorder