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erectile dysfunction Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED), or impotence, occurs when a man has difficulty with either getting an erection or with keeping an erection for long enough to allow satisfactory sexual activity.
Problems becomes more common and severe as men get older. Erection is quite a complex process with many psychological and physical aspects and there are therefore many ways in which ED can be caused. However, only a fraction of affected men seek help.

Cause of erection problems

There are a number of causes of ED. In around two thirds of cases, there are physical problems affecting the blood supply. However, there is a complex relationship between physical and psychological aspects of sexual function. For instance, physical health problems can cause psychological distress that can have an additional effect on erection problems

Physical causes

Several conditions prevent sufficient blood getting into the penis and so cause ED. These include diabetes and vascular disease (furred-up blood vessels). There can also be problems with keeping the blood within the penis (veno-occlusive disease), resulting in erections that are quickly lost. Problems with the nervous system can affect the transmission of signals from the brain to the blood vessels in the penis. This occurs in conditions including multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury and Parkinson's disease. The nerves involved in sexual arousal can also be damaged in surgery to the pelvic area, such as removal of the prostate. In a small number of cases, problems with hormone levels, can also affect erection.

Diabetes is the condition in which the level of blood glucose (sugar) is too high and for reasons that are not completely understood a high glucose level, if present for years, can damage the function of muscle fibres within blood vessles and vascular tissues, including the erectile tissue of the penis, and of the small nerves and arteries throughout the body.

High blood pressure
People with high blood pressure are more likely than average to develop 'hardening of the arteries'. Many of the medicines used to treat high blood pressure might also cause ED as a side effect, particularly those called diuretics (water pills) and beta-blockers. High blood pressure is however a very important problem that needs to be treated too, and it is essential never to stop taking prescribed medication for it (or any other condition) without discussing the matter with your doctor. High blood presure may reduce with natural remedy such as blood presure patch.

Testosterone is important in the development of the unborn male foetus and in the growth and development of the genitals and other sexual characteristics around puberty. In the mature man, it plays a role in maintaining sexual desire and affects nerve signalling within the brain and nervous system. However, a lack of testosterone alone is only very rarely the cause of ED

Any condition in which the nerve or blood supply to the penis is damaged can potentially cause ED so it can arise, for example, following prostate surgery or after some types of prostate cancer treatment...

Psychological causes of ED
Psychological problems can also influence the ability to get and maintain erections. Anxiety and guilt are common causes of ED. Unsatisfactory sexual and relationship experiences may lie behind these issues. Stress at work, depression, boredom with current sexual practices, partner conflicts, and unresolved issues about sexual orientation may all cause problems. Some of these problems you may solve ease with self hypnosis.
Hypnosis can work wonders for impotence with psychological causes. There is hypnosis called Cure Imotence.

Drinking too much alcohol commonly affects the ability to get and maintain an erection (brewer's droop). In the longer term, it interferes with the production of the male hormone testosterone, which can reduce libido. Nicotine damages the circulation, so smoking increases the risk of erection problems. Similarly, being physically inactive, which contributes to poor cardiovascular fitness, may increase the risk of ED.

There are more medications and different therapies for male impotence treatment. To view comparasion list of impotence cure see next page >>>


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