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:: Fitness - Cardio Exercise Equipment - Cardio Fitness Machines

cardio fitness and exercise equipment and machines Cardio Fitness and Exercise Equipment and Machines

cardio fitness and exercise equipment and machines

Cardio exercise equipment (also known as cardio fitness machines, or cardiovascular equipment) has long been a staple in fitness facilities of all shapes and sizes.

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Cardio exercise machines are inviting to all levels of exercisers for one main reason: cardio fitness machines are ease to use. Because most cardio exercise machines simulate everyday activities, such as walking, climbing stairs or riding a bicycle, even the most novice exercisers can feel comfortable using them. From treadmills to ellipticals, there are a variety of cardio machines that offer a minimal-impact cardiovascular workout. exercise bikes, treadmills, elliptical machines, stair steppers, skiers and rowing machines. Some cardio fitness machines include interactive heart rate programs that change resistance automatically to keep exercisers within their target heart rate zones for safe, effective training. Other exercisers use cardio equipment accessiories such as heart rate monitors and pedometers.




cardio exercise equipmentcardio fitness and exercise equipment and machines Treadmills

The treadmill is the most popular of the cardiovascular equipment categories. You can walk, jog or run as far, as fast, and as long as you want… whenever you want. A folding treadmill is a great solution for smaller living spaces or multi-purpose rooms. Folding Treadmills are best for use in the home and the office. In general, a non-folding model is a more stable choice for running. Also, non-folding treadmills are cheaper than folding models.


cardio exercise equipmentcardio fitness and exercise equipment and machines Exercise Bikes

The second most popular cardio exercise machine is the exercise bike. Exercise bikes are the least expensive type of cardio fitness equipment, and with a small footprint, are also space-efficient. There are three different types of exercise bikes. Recumbent exercise bikes are exercise bikes with chair-like or bucket seats. Your body is placed in a semi reclining position and your legs angle out in front of you to reach the pedals instead of hanging down as on an upright bike.
Upright exercise bikes are the traditional exercise bikes that have been around for years and are similar in form to traditional outdoor bikes. Dual Action Exercise Bike works upper or lower body, or both, using the resistance of alternating levers with handlebar grips.


cardio exercise equipmentcardio fitness and exercise equipment and machines Stair Steppers

Stair steppers are a relatively compact fitness exercise machine that offer primarily a lower body cardio workout. Mini stair steppers are small, light and easy to use. The natural stair stepper movement also provides an excellent cadio-respiratory workout. Stair Stepper will not give you the same quality workout as a larger more sophisticated exercise machine but mini stair steppers are very cheap. You can easily read or watch TV while getting your cardio exercise.


cardio exercise equipmentcardio fitness and exercise equipment and machines Rowing Machines

In fitness training, rowing is a form of muscular resistance training exercise that shares many characteristics of rowing a boat without involving water or a boat. Rowing machines are excellent pieces of home fitness equipment that are designed to simulate the movement and exercise gained from rowing a boat.


cardio exercise equipmentcardio fitness and exercise equipment and machines Elliptical Machines

The elliptical machine is considered by many to be the best cardio equipment on the market. Ellipticals offer a "no impact" workout with many programs and options to make the exercise experience more enjoyable. Elliptical machines are exercise equipment that combine the movements of the stair climber, treadmill, and the exercise bike into one. It's actually one of the most comfortable pieces of exercise equipement you'll ever try as well as the most effective. You get all of the benefits of weight bearing exercise without the joint stress.


Specialty cardio equipment outside of the major categories can round out your offerings and add variety for exercisers. Cross-country ski machines and rock climbing walls are just a few examples of other popular cardio equipment. Also there are a variety of cardio equipment accessories, such as Heart rate monitors and pedometers.



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