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Herbal Quit Smoking Aids

First of all, the very best quit smoking aid on the planet is your own will and determination to quit smoking. If you aren't motivated and committed to kicking the habit, there isn't a quit aid available that can help you.

NicoTonic has chosen form abundance of herbal quit smoking aids as an excellent and very effective aid in reducing emotional instability and restlessness associated with withdrawal from nicotine or other addictive drugs.


NicoTonic - Herbal Quit Smoking Aid

herbal quit smoking aid - nicotonicNicoTonic Triple Complex is a very safe quit smoking aid and it is not possible to overdose. This means that Nicotonic Herbal Aid is extremely safe and free of side effects. Nicotonic Herbal Aid may be safely be taken by people of all ages, as well as infants and women who are pregnant or nursing.

Triple Complex NicoTonic assists in promoting the bio-availability of nutrients, hormones and bio-chemicals that are usually depleted by the stress of nicotine and drug withdrawal. Although it is very effective as a stand-alone product in any withdrawal program (not only nicotine), Triple Complex NicoTonic is best used together with Crave-Rx Nicotine withdrawal reducer and Rx-Hale stop smoking aid.

Triple Complex NicoTonic contains Natrium Phosphate, Kalium Phosphate and Natrium Muriaticum as a treatment for the 'short fuse' syndrome so frequently associated with nicotine withdrawal. Regular use helps to prevent irritability, temper outbursts and restlessness and ensure a calmer and more successful path to a cigarette free life!


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herbal quit smoking aids