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:: Buy Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes

For those who are concerned about smoking tobacco, there is a new interesting gadget you can buy called the electronic cigarettes. They were born from an extraordinary idea: to keep getting your nicotine fix but without exposing yourself to the carcinogens and tar that can be found in traditional cigarettes. While at the moment, electronic cigarettes are not approved as a smoking cessation device, the electronic cigarette is nevertheless catching on with concerned smokers everywhere.

buy electronic cigarettesElectronic cigarettes offer both the (optional) nicotine fix as well as the tactile sensation that most smokers seek. They look, feel and taste like regular cigarettes but instead of burning tobacco, when you smoke, you inhale a warm and soothing nicotine based water vapor. We must admit, the idea is really extraordinary!
They come with disposable nicotine cartridges, that could be found in several different nicotine levels:

  • full (high nicotine level - equvivalent to regular cigarettes),
  • medium (equvivalent to light cigarettes),
  • low, and
  • nicotine free

The best thing about electronic cigarettes is that you can use electronic cigarettes on the public places where the smoking is prohibited! It's weird, isn't it?

buy electronic cigarettes

An Electronic Cigarette is a simple gadget, in fact. There is nothing more than a battery, an atomizer, and a refill cartridge. Best of all is the fact that you can smoke electronic cigarettes in places where traditional cigarettes are prohibited!


Where Can I Buy Electronic Cigarettes?

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