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:: Quit Smoking Support - Are Ecigarettes Really Stopping Smoking in 2015?

Are Ecigarettes Really Stopping Smoking?

Are you hesitating over switching cigarettes for e cigarettes because you are not sure if they really work? There is factual evidence that now shows that a huge proportion of the smoking population could benefit from switching over to vaping. Have a look at these facts and statistics if you truly disbelieve that vaping could help you quit smoking.

The benefits of switching cigarettes for vaping

A few of the benefits of switching traditional cigarettes to vaping include:

- Health: Health is one of the more obvious points to consider. Although we cannot state that vaping is healthy, let us just remember that smoking has been proven to be completely toxic. We hopefully do not have to remind you about the impact on the lungs and heart.

- Cost: Vaping is much cheaper week by week. Eliquids last much longer and kits only have to be replaced every so often. Unlike packs of cigarettes which need to be brought daily.

- Smell: Smoking has an unattractive smell which could prove to be unprofessional in some work environments. Not to mention unpleasant for non-smokers that you live with.

- Choice: There are only so many options available in terms of cigarettes. With vaping the choice is endless in terms of flavour, nicotine level and much more.

But does it really work?

In fact take a look at these figures of people that have already swapped cigarettes for vaping. These statistics were taken from a survey that was hosted by two of the biggest e cigarette companies:

  • 75% of the sample said it had been several weeks or months since their last cigarette
  • 91% said that use of the e-cigarette had 'substantially decreased' their craving for tobacco cigarettes
  • 70% didn't have as much of an urge to smoke

Electronic cigarettes are one of the best ways to switch the way you intake nicotine. Therefore we have put together a list of the best electronic cigarette starter kits for 2015. We hope that you will switch from smoking tobacco to vaping e-cigarettes to greatly reduce the harm you are causing to your body.

Recommended e cigarette starter kits for 2015

Kanger EMUS Starter Kit

kanger emus starter kit

The Kanger Emus kit is small, sleek and stylish, for those who don't want to carry a large clunky unit; this is the ideal kit for you. The Kanger brand has a reputation for quality among the vaping community - Priced from ?32.99 for a double kit. Share with a friend or save the other unit until you need a new one.

Kanger MOW + MVP 20w Box Mod Kit

kanger mow + mvp kit

If you want to dive in at the deep end and try a mod box, yet still make it affordable, then why not try the Kanger MOW + MVP 20w Box Mod Kit. This Kit is simply unbeatable, the absolute ideal starter kit, massive battery life, a brilliant tank with affordable replacement coils, and best of all easy to use.

All of these e cigarette starter kits are available at Grey Haze.