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diet software The World's Smartest Diet Software and Fitness Software

compexHave you ever wondered what it is to be in total control of your weight, health and fitness? To have someone guide your weight goals with laser-sharp precision? To know exactly how much you need to eat and exercise to get to your target weight on your target date?

Finally, you can turn your computer into your personal diet and fitness assistant. Throw out your grandma's logs and lame guesswork. It is high time that you take advantage of state-of-the-art software technology to speed up your weight control and workout results.

Fitness Assistant will automate every possible diet and fitness tracking task for you.

Here's a snapshot of what Fitness Assistant will do for you:

  • Set your weight goals and learn what you need to do every day. No more guesswork.
  • SMART Calorie Monitoring System dramatically boosts your chances of reaching your target weight on the target date.
  • Fitness Assistant actively monitors and detects changes in your metabolic rate, and modifies your plan in real time.
  • Avoid weight loss plateaus caused by the inaccurate *average person* calorie estimations.
  • Count only the additional calories you spend exercising and subtract the calorie overlap with your usual activities.
  • Track protein, fat, digestible carb, alcohol and exercise calories.
  • Build a flexible calorie plan customized for your body and goals.
  • Learn to avoid exercise activities that have a huge calorie expenditure overlap with your daily activities.
  • Learn the the secret of permanent weight loss... Discover how much exercise you need to perform to get in the Active Zone.
  • Powerful training log allows you to organize your strength, bodybuilding and cardio workouts.
  • Track, Graph and Print your progress and personal records.
  • Unique Recovery System lets you detect the early signs of physical and mental overtraining

Automates every possible diet and fitness tracking task for you...
Reveals how to get to your target weight on the target date...
Saves you time and makes weight control easier and more effective...

Follow the link to Download Fitness Assistant Demo


Thrilled with the results

"I have achieved success with Fitness Assistant. I downloaded the trial version on March 16 and chose a one month goal of a 10 pound weight loss. At the end of the month and with the loss of 10 pounds, I purchased the software. I subsequently chose two smaller weight loss goals and to date (August 20) have lost 24 pounds.

I find the software easy to use. I particularly like being able to enter the nutritional information of my favorite products. And I like that it makes my favorite foods easy to find putting them at the top of the list each time I search for them. It takes the guess work out of calorie counting and has made me aware of the nutritional content of the foods I eat. Previously I would only track calories, but now I can track and control my protein, fat and carbohydrate intake.

I am thrilled with the results."

Wendy Neufeld



"Let me start off by saying that I purchased your program because I was struck by your straight forward, no nonsense approach to fitness. Most other programs lure customers by offering 'lifestyle' packages and promises of weight loss, which you do not do. You provide a software package based on sound principles and clients can clearly see what they are doing to their body. No surprises, if you do the right thing you get the right result, end of story.

Furthermore, I appreciate your personal involvement in the development of the product. You answer questions precisely and comprehensively. Software support is always prompt.

Over the last few months, I have managed to lose 10 kgs by using FA. Most of my friends thought I was mad when I said I had to lose weight because I appear quite trim. FA made it easy for me to remain on target. The daily log kept me focused and involved in what I am eating. I quickly realised how a nibble here and there can affect my goals! On the other hand, it made it easy to compensate for such things when I had my next meal.

I love the way the program 'predicts' your weight the next day and how it learns your metabolism. This adds a level of expectation and it is a joy to discover that your body works like a finely tuned clock; if you do the right thing - it responds in an expected manner.

I have recommended this program to many friends. In fact, I have done so today. I hope she will download it tomorrow so that she can prove to herself that she under-eats in a big way, which explains why she is not losing weight."

Wynand McDonald


"Control is easy and motivation is high"

I have been using Fitness Assistant for more than 3 months and I'm very happy with it. My main problem was that I didn't pay so much attention to the "small things". I was eating during the day and I wondered why I don't lose any gram - in fact - why do I still put on!

The use of the program is very easy and after some days you get used to put in everything you were consuming during the day and also which physical activity you have made (best is to do it immediately - then you don't forget something). In real time the program calculates how many calories you have taken and how much is left for the day. Also you can follow the three parts - Protein, Fats and Carbs. Whenever you don't find a meal in the database you have the possibility to put in all information by yourself.

My wife is also using it on another PC and we can share the user food database via export and import functions. So that you don't have to type in the information several times.

More important to say now is that I have constantly lost weight and I was using the "Goal setting" which calculated how much calories I have to "miss" every day to reach my goal. With that system I have lost 4 kg (from 92kg to 88kg) in 3 months without making a real diet! It is more that you pay attention to what you eat. Now I still use the program and the goal is to keep the reached weight. I can fully recommend this software which you can also use for putting on weight (if needed) ;-).

Michael Archangel

Follow the link to Download Fitness Assistant Demo



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