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:: Counseling and Psychotherapy
Sex therapy may not be the best referral in some circumstances, especially if the relationship between the sufferer and partner has frequent have angry disagreements. Some couples just aren't sexually attracted to each other, leading to HSDD in one or both. They find it difficult to tell each other about the lack of attraction. In all of these cases, referral to a psychotherapist for couples counseling is the treatment of choice. Treatment must be individualized to the factors that may be inhibiting sexual interest. Often, there may be several such factors (some couple practise self hypnosis - it is a powerful, effective and 100% natural part of you). Some couples will need relationship enhancement work or marital therapy prior to focusing directly on enhancing sexual activity. Declining sex is sometimes one of the few areas where someone who feels dominated in most other areas of a marriage may still exert control. Many couples will need direct focus on the sexual relationship wherein through education and couple assignments they expand the variety and time devoted to sexual activity. Some couples will also need to focus on how they may sexually approach their partner in more interesting and desirable ways, and in how to more gently and tactfully decline a sexual invitation. When problems with sexual arousal or performance are factors in decreasing libido, these sexual dysfunctions will need to be directly addressed.


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