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panic attack treatment Panic Attack Treatment

Today, panic attacks and agoraphobia can be treated successfully in the vast majority of cases. In fact, it is estimated that the appropriate therapy from a knowledgeable therapist helps close to 90% of panic sufferers.

Cognitive/behavioral therapy is a relatively new treatment for panic and agoraphobia that has been shown to be successful. Instead of using old-fashioned analysis-based techniques, therapists employing new CBT methods focus on the present panic - and how to eliminate it. Thus, CBT has legitimately been called "how to" therapy. That is, the focus is on "how to" eliminate the thoughts and feelings that lead to the vicious cycle of panic and anxiety.

People who experience panic and agoraphobia, are not "crazy" and do not need to be in therapy for extended periods of time. Sessions depend on the severity and length of the problem and the willingness of the client to actively participate in treatment.

When a person with panic is motivated to practice and try new techniques, that person is literally changing the way their brain responds. When you change the way your brain responds, anxiety and panic will continue to shrink and shrink and cease to cause you problems.

Today, panic is being successfully treated in the vast majority of cases. Active cognitive-behavioral therapy plus a strong motivation and persistence on the part of the client are the essential ingredients in overcoming this major anxiety disorder. Hypnosis is a powerful, effective and 100% natural part of you.

Can medicines help people who have panic disorder?

Several medicines can make panic attacks less severe or stop them altogether.

Paroxetine (brand name: Paxil) and sertraline (brand name: Zoloft) are antidepressant medicines that have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat panic disorder. Antidepressants are very effective in preventing anxiety and panic attacks. Often they completely stop the attacks. You don't have to be depressed for them to help. Side effects are usually mild. Antidepressants will not make you lose control or change your personality. These medicines can be used for as long as necessary, even for years.

Alprazolam (brand name: Xanax) and clonazepam (brand name: Klonopin) are also medicines approved by the FDA to treat panic disorder. These medicines give relief from fear and anxiety. They should be used only for a short period of time (a few weeks to a few months), unless you absolutely can't function without them. Never suddenly stop taking one of these medicines. If you need to stop, these medicines should be slowly tapered off over several weeks under your doctor's supervision.


Having one panic attack is bad enough, but most people could cope with it as long as they knew they wouldn't have another.

The problem with panic attacks is that once you have had one, you:

  1. Worry that you are going to have another one
  2. Can sometimes get a 'conditioning' effect that triggers panic again when you return to a similar situation to where the first one happened
  3. Tense up if you feel at all anxious

These 3 factors make it more likely that you will have another panic attack, which is why many people find that they don't just have one.

Getting rid of the most important factor in panic

The conditioning effect of panic is the most difficult to deal with because it happens unconcsiously, so you have little control over it. Hypnosis is a powerful, effective and 100% natural part of you...

Self Hypnosis uses a technique to remove this effect, effectively 're-educating' your unconscious mind that the situation where you experienced panic is not a truly dangerous one.

This allows you to control your anxiety levels much more easily.

"Stop Panic Attacks" also relaxes you very deeply, reminding your body and mind how to feel that way, and helping you stay more relaxed, more of the time.

Download Stop Panic Attacks and get control back over panic... phobia







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