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Diabetes Patches

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diabetes patchWe have not evaluated Diabetes patch. It is still unknown how effective it is. The following article is mostly taken from munufacturer's statements. In the moment of writing this article we have not consumer's opinion or any patch review.

In short, manufacturer claims that one can roughly equate one 50mg Transdermal Patch to about a 500mg Oral medication dose taken two to three times a day in actual effectiveness but without the discomfort associated with oral intake.

Transdermal Patches contain a very small dose which is slowly delivered directly into the blood stream over a 24 hour period. This is the most efficient method of delivery of Vitamins and Minerals to the body as compared to Tablets and Capsules which must first travel through the digestive system before reaching the blood stream. Side effects like flushing due to B-Complex and Niacin in particular are absent when applied through Transdermal Patches without any loss in potency or efficiency. About 90% of Vitamins and Minerals being water soluble are immediately excreted from the body by way of urine after traveling through the digestive system and are therefore wasted. Those of us who have taken B-Complex have seen our urine become yellow in color within half an hour of taking an oral dose. It is the balance approximately 10% that actually reach the blood stream and are used as nutrition to be delivered to the center of the cell where it is really required.


B-Complex Vitamins & Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) Niacinamide when used in conjunction with other B-Complex Vitamins, helps to lower elevated blood sugar levels without the side effects of drugs.. B-Complex Vitamins and B6 in particular are vital to properly metabolize dietary fats, carbohydrates and proteins and improve energy metabolism.
(Vitamin B6)
Offers protection against the development of diabetic neuropathy and inhibits glycosylation of proteins.
Organic Magnesium Magnesium plays a central role in the secretion and action of insulin. Without adequate magnesium levels within the body's cells, control over blood sugar levels is impossible. Magnesium supplementation is helpful in cases of glucose intolerance and insulin insensitivity
Gymnema Sylvester, Pterocarpus Marsupium and Eugenia Jambolana Are highly valued botanical medicines in the Indian system of medicine, Ayurveda which is believed to be over 5,000 years old and are useful in the treatment of diabetes and in blood sugar control, energy and glucose metabolism.
Manganese Manganese plays a major role in enzymes involved in blood sugar control, energy and glucose metabolism.
Vanadium Vanadium helps improve insulin action or mimics insulin.
Chromium Chromium helps improve blood sugar control.

Diabetes Patches are a cutting-edge, natural blood sugar lowering and metabolism cum energy enhancer...all in one! With Diabetes Patches, there is a reduced risk of Diabetic diseases and complications there from. It works all day & all night long!
Just place a new adhesive skin patch anywhere on your body, each day for continuous, safe, and effective blood sugar control.
Much like a Nicotine Patch takes away your craving for cigarettes, Diabetes Patches substantially reduce your blood sugar levels. While at the same time, Diabetes Patches boost your energy level, and jump-starting your metabolism to reduce fatty deposits in your body.

diabetes patchWhy is a Patch method better than capsules?
A patch uses a transdermal method of delivery-allowing the skin to absorb the elements within the patch. This can eliminate or diminish several disadvantages commonly experienced by users of pills. A transdermal patch delivers medication to the body at even, consistent levels over several hours. Unlike pills which must be taken several times a day, the transdermal patch method requires only a single application. A patch system has also been shown to reduce, flushing, gas / flatulence and other gastric disturbances as the ingredients of the patch bypass the intestinal tract and are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Best of all, one patch can provide a consistent dose of medication for upto 24 hours.

Amazingly, blood sugar lowering is only one of the many benefits associated with the ingredients in Diabetes Patch's proprietary blend! Regular use of the Patch will remove toxins, and even increase your energy levels; just to name a few!


  • Affix the patch against your skin any where between the shoulder and thigh area. Make sure the area is clean and dry. Affix the patch to stay as tightly as possible in contact with the skin for maximum delivery of nutrition to the body.
  • Apply fresh patch each morning after bath for best results.
  • Vary the location where you place the patch. Apply patch to different area of skin each day.
  • Do not apply more than one patch per day.
  • If you live in a very low humidity area or have skin that is dry and does not sweat easily, it may be advisable to apply a few drops of water to wet the patch completely once it has been firmly affixed on to a clean and dry skin. This will ensure rapid absorption of the ingredients into the surface of the skin. You may wet the patch once more during the afternoon. This will deliver a booster dose of the ingredients to the body. The patch has special breather holes on the surface that will allow rapid absorption of water and drying out of the patch. Do not wet the patch late evening or night as it can energize you and prevent you from falling asleep at the correct time.
  • Removing the old patch half to one hour after your bath will ensure: maximum utilization of the ingredients of the patch; that you do not affix the new patch on the same spot as the old one; that the skin is dry enough to allow the patch to adhere properly to the skin.

Diabetes Patches are 100% all natural and are made with many high potency herbs, minerals and vitamins.

Diabetes Patches work best when taken with Nutritional Supplement Organic Magnesium on a daily basis. Use of an Organic Magnesium Supplement is a must for efficient use of all B-Complex Vitamins and helps control blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.






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