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:: Alternative Medicine - Hypnosis for Sports Psychology

Sponsored by hypnosis for sports performance

Sports Psychology Hypnosis Sports Psychology

Every top sportsperson knows that their best performances come from their mind as much as their body. We've all seen top-notch golfers lose their game for years on end, and sprinters lose those critical 10ths of seconds. Our sports psychology hypnosis sessions will help you fine-tune your game so you get the very best from yourself. After all, as a sportsperson you spend long enough training your body - why not spend a little on your brain? Find your motivation easy, using self hypnosis for sports performance...

Sports Psychology Hypnosis mp3 for download Sports Psychology Hypnosis MP3

Sports Psychology
Download Name
Brief Description
Develop supreme mental toughness for success in your sport.
Be super-quick off the blocks...
A hazard can turn your normal golf game upside down. Teach your unconscious mind to play as if the hazard isn't there.
The first tee can be the highest pressure part of any golf game. Use hypnosis to help you relax and treat it like any other shot.
Good putting can make the difference between a great golf score and a poor one. Make the most of your opportunities on the green.
Keeping your golf swing rhythm, balance and timing can sometimes be difficult. Get your golf brain into the groove and keep it there.
Think like a winner, act like a winner, be a winner!
Overcome cippling pre-game nerves and get the best preparation you can
Increase your tennis serve power and accuracy
Heal fast from sports injury
Gain heightened awareness whatever your martial art
Achieve masterful ten pin bowling with the power of hypnosis
Keep running and achieve that new personal best
Achieve the perfect state of mind for perfect timing in your martial art
Enjoy perfect focus when you step up to the free throw line
Give your half marathon training a psychological boost


Sports Psychology Hypnosis mp3 for download Sports Psychology Hypnosis Scripts

Script Name
Brief Description
Raise the performance stakes using the Develop Supreme Mental Toughness for Sport Hypnosis Script.
Get off to a great start with the Quick off the Blocks Hypnosis Script.
No obstacles on the golf course with the Hitting Over Hazards Hypnosis Script.
Start as you mean to go on with the Tee off with Confidence Hypnosis Script.
Enjoying the green with the Putt Like a Pro Hypnosis Script.
Unite golf practice and performance with the Perfect Swing Hypnosis Script.
Develop a powerful winning attitude with the Be a Winner Hypnosis Script.
Improve performance with the Conquer Pre-Match Nerves Hypnosis Script.
Mental coaching for better tennis with the Ace Serve Hypnosis Script.
Speed up sports injury recovery with the Fast Healing Sports Injury Hypnosis Script.
Enhance martial arts skills with the Martial Arts Heightened Awareness Hypnosis Script.
Raise the game at the bowling alley with the Masterful Tenpin Bowling Hypnosis Script.
Keep the runners going with the Keep Running Hypnosis Script.



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