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:: Alternative Medicine - Hypnosis: Relationship

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hypnosis improvement self Relationship Hypnosis

Relationships are the central pillar of a happy and satisfying life. Whether you are currenly dating people, or iin a long-term partnership, browse the downloads below to see if we can help with any relationship issues you may be experiencing.

Download Name
Brief Description
Increase your independence within relationships and get more out of life.
Insecurity in relationships can lead to relationship breakdown and a lot of unnecessary heartache. Decrease your insecurity and boost your confidence.
Fear of commitment can lead to many missed opportunities. Hypnosis can help you make more balanced judgements about when to commit yourself to a relationship.
Leave that old relationship in the past and feel more optimistic about future relationships again.
Re-experience through hypnosis how you used to feel towards each other and experience that wonderful glow all over again.
Relax and enjoy being yourself on your date.
Approaching women need not be a nightmare - in fact it should be enjoyable! Find out how...
If you find meeting people nerve-wracking, discover how hypnosis can help you relax and enjoy it...
You can enjoy sex so much more when you don't have to worry about lasting long enough.
The effort of trying to achieve orgasm can get in the way of real sexual enjoyment. Help your unconscious mind lead you along the path to deep sexual fulfilment.
Unrequited love - escape the most painful of traps.
Be confident with men you find attractive.
Program your mind to be confident with attractive women.
Flirting with confidence, without learning tips, body language or endless lists of flirting signs.
Become popular by learning the habits of naturally popular people.
Help yourself cope with the emotional impact of divorce.
Ending a relationship is never easy, but it doesn't have to be hell.
Increase Female Libido with hypnosis.
Increase male libido through the power of the mind.
Speed Dating Confidence for Men.
Speed Dating Confidence for Women.
Overcome delayed ejaculation using the power of your mind
Stop pushing people away and give yourself the chance of a satisfying relationship
Learn to love again, even when you've been hurt before
Are you newly single? Adjust quickly to the single mindset
Learn to maintain your self esteem within relationships
Surviving stressful chapter in marriage
Stay faithful even when you don't feel like it!
Develop your listening skills and become a better friend and partner
Find the courage to escape an abusive relationship
Feel connected to others and live longer
Stop Choosing Mr Wrong
Surviving infidelity in your relationship
Master small talk and make more friends
Build your confidence as a new parent
Make yourself approachable and make friends more easily
Get some help with the challenges of being a new step parent




meditation hypnosis Dating Confidence
How will it feel to be able to relax and be yourself on a date?

If you find dating nerve-wracking, that might be a difficult question to answer.

But think of how you feel with an old friend, a family member, or someone else you know well.

How is that different to how you feel when dating?

Do you think about meeting them for days beforehand?
Do you worry about what you are going to say?
Do you go over and over in your mind what they might think of you?

Of course not; they're your friend. You simply relax and allow yourself to be yourself, naturally and easily.

That's the answer to the question

Dating Confidence will help you relax when you are on a date. And once you relax, you can be yourself, you are calmer, so you can tell what the other person is like, and your calmness rubs off on them, so they enjoy your company more.

And when two people are relaxed, they can really tell if they are right for one another.

Begin to really enjoy dating; download Dating Confidence below and see how much it changes your dating experience...

Go ahead and try out this download now - there's NO RISK to you. If you find that it doesn't do what you wanted, simply let us know within 90 days and we will refund you in full. No questions asked.
Price: Only $12.95 per download - with discounts for multiple purchases: meditation hypnosis relaxation


self hypnosis relaxation Approaching Women
Approaching women with confidence

Approaching women can feel like the hardest thing in the world at times. Even those who can be chatty and fun in other situations can shut down completely when it comes to approaching women.

So how can you build the sort of confidence you need to talk to women?

How can you stop that awful 'rabbit in headlights' paralysis?

How hypnosis can help

The thing is, regardless of how terrified you get when approaching women, there are times in your life when you talk to other people without even thinking about it. If you are chatting to a member of your family, or a good friend, you are not worrying about 'sounding cool', or 'being funny'; you are simply talking!

Using hypnosis, you can take this ability and transfer it to the 'chatting up women' situation. It's not like you need to learn something completely new; you just need access to your ability in that situation.

That's why 'Approach Women with Confidence' will quickly help you talk to women and feel confidence. Download it now using the button below and really enjoy yourself next time you approach a woman...

Go ahead and try out this download now - there's NO RISK to you. If you find that it doesn't do what you wanted, simply let us know within 90 days and we will refund you in full. No questions asked.
Price: Only $12.95 per download - with discounts for multiple purchases: meditation hypnosis relaxation