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:: Alternative Medicine - Learn Hypnosis DVD: Hypnosis Course

Sponsored by learn hypnosis

hypnosis course Learn Hypnosis DVDs
learn hypnosis dvdHypnosis Course on Triple DVD Plus FREE Bonuses


There is one more great product coming from Uncommon Knowledge to which we want to draw your attention. It is a wonderfull hypnosis course offered on three DVDs, designed to help you learn hypnosis on easy way. Now you can become a highly skilful hypnotist, learning hypnosis in privacy of your own home.

First of all, let's see where this product comes from. Since 1998, the Uncommon Knowledge is a leading educator in conversational hypnosis in the UK. During years, Uncommon Knowledge was running workshops around England, producing over 400 diploma graduated trainees. Many of them are now working as hypnotherapists. As they say, the company’s mission is to spread skills around hypnosis, psychotherapy and psychology.

The hypnosis course DVDs come under the title of "Hypnosis Unwrapped". In fact, it is the Uncommon Knowledge's workshops collected during the years on DVD. It is an excellent source of examples that allows you to learn hypnosis through their real practice.

You can attend the original workshop for about $300. With this DVDs, you can watch the workshop as often as you like, with subtitled comments. Additionaly, you'll get the material of other people performing inductions, as well as a guide on 70 pages.

learn hypnosis dvd The one-of-a-kind Hypnosis Unwrapped DVD - over 3 hours of hypnosis workshop footage, subtitled with key points, full of demos plus a 70-page guide to hypnosis!

And, you will also receive FREE BONUSES:

hypnosis relaxation cd The 'Power Naps' CD, containing the four relaxation sessions from Hypnosis, plus a booklet containing the scripts to these sessions, fully marked up with the language patterns used - an unbeatable hypnosis training duo!
learn hypnosis script
Hypnosis Scripts
how to use hypnosis cd The classic 'How to Use Hypnosis to Help Yourself and Others' from Uncommon Knowledge. Two long hypnosis inductions, plus extensive instruction on how to maximise your hypnotic effectiveness!


Need more information? CLICK HERE to learn more >>>


learn hypnosis dvd
learn hypnosis cd
learn hypnosis cd