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:: Alternative Medicine - Self Hypnosis CDs and DVDs

phobia hypnotherapy Best Self Hypnosis CDs DVDs from self hypnosis cds and dvds

We have choose some of the best self-hypnosis CD's and DVDs for you. All of these CD/DVDs are written and recorded by Uncommon Knowledge, the founders of Hypnosis which is online since 1995. Below you will find our choice of the best self hypnosis CDs and DVDs from their edition, such as hypnosis training dvd, weight loss hypnosis cd, sleep well hypnosis cds, relaxation and other popular hypnotherapy titles:


hypnosis dvd

The unique, world first, hypnosis workshop in your own home!



self hypnosis cd


hypnosis dc panic attack


sleep well hypnosis cds

Self Confidence Trainer
(Double CD)

The Self Confidence Trainer leads you step-by-step towards greater confidence

Panic Attacks Program
(CD or tape)

Stop panic attacks with this unique program

Insomnia Cure
(Double CD)

Cure insomnia for good with this double CD program. Sleep well hypnosis CDs


hypnosis training


relaxation hypnosis cd


hypnosis cd

Hypnosis Training
(CD or tape)

How to use hypnosis to help yourself and others

Relaxation 'Power Naps'
(CD or tape)

Four 15-minute deep relaxation sessions for that mid-day 'power nap'.

Storytelling Trainer
(Double CD)

Learn to tell stories that will enthrall your kids, clients or colleagues.


weight loss hypnosis cd


hypnosis cd


hypnosis cd

Weight Loss Management

The Weight Management CD contains 4 specially selected hypnosis sessions.

Gain Social Excellence

The Gain Social Excellence CD contains 4 specially selected hypnosis sessions.

Feel Good About Yourself

The Feel Good About Yourself CD contains 3 specially selected hypnosis sessions.


hypnosis cd

hypnosis diet

The Success Factor

The Success Factor CD
contains 4 specially selected hypnosis sessions.

The Hypnotic Diet
(Triple CD Pack)

A revolutionary new approach to weight loss