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:: Health Products Affiliate Programs

If you have fitness & health related blog or website you can increase your monthly earnings on easy way. Below are listed the best rated affiliate programs that offer health care and fitness products. We not intending to judge about their products, we choose these affiliate programs becouse their offer some of the best sellers on the market. Also, we choose them considering their terms and conditions, commission structure, affiliate support...

There is a huge number of fraudelent affliate programs that look great until they should pay you your earned commission. From that moment they simple forget you, ignoring your emails, calls... From our experience and knowing the experience of other affiliates we are able to give you the list of the best fitness & health products affiliate programs:


Health products affiliate program: Market Health

Market Health
Commission: 50%; 2nd tier: 5%
: Biweekly
SignUp: Free
Cookie: 30 days
Language: English,
Market Health affiliate program is a set of over 50 websites selling products in the health, beauty, weight loss, and skin care industries, including women's health products, men's health products, sexual health, colon, skin, oral health, Hoodia Gordonii, sports nutrition, health insurance... They track sales and commissions even on all phone, newsletter and mail orders.
For more information visit the Market Health official website >>>


Health products affiliate program: Leading Edge Cash

Commission: 30% - 50%; 2nd tier: 5%
: Monthly
SignUp: Free
Cookie: Lifetime
Language: English
The collection of the best-selling anti-aging, women's, men's and general health products. Professional marketing materials and support by full-time staff. You can earn commission even on fax, mail or phone orders. They offer free template pages for their affiliates...
For more information visit the SellHealth official website >>>


Health products affiliate program: 4rx

Pills Money
Commission: 50%; 2nd tier: 15%
Payouts: Weekly
SignUp: Free
Cookie: Lifetime
Language: English
The PillsMoney is a network of top converting websites. In fact, they offer natural enhancement products (for both, women and men). Realtime detailed stats and 24/7 affiliate support...
For more information visit the Pills Money official website >>>


Health products affiliate: Hypnosis

Commission: 25% - 35%; 2nd tier: 5%
Payouts: Monthly
SignUp: Free
Cookie: Lifetime
Language: English

It could be nice source for everyday earnings. We give them only four stars becouse of their low prices, which means you will earn not so big amounts. Anyway, it perfect match for almost any website becouse buyers can download desired products, so they will buy easy and often. Also, you will be able to get good marketing materials and free stuff for your visitors...
For more information visit the Hypnosis Downloads official website >>>